Welcome to DeepStealthDungeon.com.  Finally, our re-launch is here.  We’ve been away for well over a year, taking care of a few body mods that we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time.  We’ve let go of Deep Stealth Dungeon’s physical play space and opted for this virtual one… at least for the time being.  Plans for DSD2 are already on the drawing board, as are many other plans for our kinky little company.

We are quite proud to announce that we have now incorporated Deep Stealth Dungeon.  Our full legal name is now Deep Stealth Dungeon Fetish Wear and Accessories inc. but we’re going to continue using Deep Stealth Dungeon as our trade mark.  You can feel free to call us DSD.

We expect, as our inventory grows, that we’ll be able offer products to fit nearly every fetish and kink out there even as we invent new ones… and at prices our customers can actually afford.

This is just the beginning.

Lady Helen Barbosa