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Elkhide Flogger by Leatherbeaten

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This flogger is the Mercedes/Bentley/Rolls (choose your own vehicular metaphor) of thud….  There isn’t an ounce of sting in this baby. Heavy, thick, plush; this flogger was built for comfort not for speed. Leatherbeaten admits this particular flogger was inspired by the high class, high maintenance slut that enjoys a long term wallow in the depths of a solid elkhide flogging. Take off your watch, ignore the time and loll your head back in the endorphic zen of subspace generated by the significant thump of this beautiful piece.


PLEASE NOTE: At our request Leatherbeaten has kindly made efforts to pair these floggers in the event that some customers want a matched set. If you want a balanced set please inform us thusly!

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