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Ice Queen Rare Albino Mongolian Horse Hair Flogger

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The Ice Queen Rare Albino Mongolian Horse Hair Flogger is the first product to be offered in our One of a kind collection.  One of a kind products are items that are hand crafted, not manufactured.  As a result, no two items in this collection are identical.

A horse hair flogger denotes status and rank because of the work required to transform it. 

Albino horse hair, different its white equivalent, completely lacks pigment. This makes it exceptionally rare and highly prized. This flogger contains 4.6 ounces of the pristine Mongolian hair. 

After weeks of work we have named this flogger ‘The Ice Queen’ because of her striking colours. She was fully hand assembled: bound, scaffolded, dyed, stitched, beaded and laminated. ‘The Ice Queen’ is a labour of love in every way—she is also a one-of-a-kind work of art that cannot be replicated. She will be unique to Your collection. 

'The Ice Queen' flogger is a sting tool that will easily last for years with simple maintenance. Instructions for upkeep will be sent with purchase. 

'The Ice Queen' was an in-house Deep Stealth Dungeon assembly constructed by Master James.


One ever made.  Only one available.

Overall Length: 27 inches (686mm)

Handle Diameter: 7/8 inches (23mm)

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